What You Need To Know Before You Get Your Windshield Repaired

Windshield Replacement

Written ByStacy Nass

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There’s a lot that goes into protecting you and your car, but nothing does it better than the windshield. It is so important to keep this part in good condition because of how much time we spend sitting right up against it. That means if there are any chips or cracks on your window glass, then they need to be repaired as soon as possible before things get worse! There are some great ways for getting them fixed without breaking the bank — such as our affordable service with competitive rates — all while still keeping high-quality services at an unbeatable price.

Did you know that windshields are made up of two layers, the outer layer and the inner layer? The outer layer is called a laminate and it protects your windshield from being scratched. The inner layer is composed of glass. If there is an impact to your windshield, then the glass may shatter or crack into pieces. This can cause major safety issues for drivers because they need to see what’s in front of them when driving. If this applies to you, get their windshield repaired by the professionals at Good Dog Auto Glass, where we have qualified workers on staff ready to do all sorts of repairs for drivers in need! Your car will be back on the road again before you know it!

The windshield is called that because it shields the most important part of your car: you. But, like all other parts on your vehicle, this piece can also become broken and need to be replaced. The good news is that repairing a cracked or chipped windshield doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! With our affordable rates, there are many reasons as to why we recommend getting your window fixed instead of being replaced with something new.

What is the difference between a chip and a crack in your windshield?

That’s right, when our windshields get a small chip or crack in them, it can seem like the end of life as we know it. But don’t worry! Good Dog Auto Glass is here to save your day with an offer that will make you say, “Good dog!” We’ll replace and fix any cracks for pennies on the dollar, so give us a call today.

How do I know if my car needs to be towed or can it drive itself to the auto shop?

Good Dog Auto Glass is like an ambulance service for your car. You’ll never have to find your way around traffic because we can come straight to you, no matter where you are! Never wait in line at the auto shop again with Good Dog’s fast, mobile service!

How long does it take to get emergency service completed?

When your windshield is cracked and needs to be repaired, call the experts at Good Dog Auto Glass. We will have a certified technician out in no time who can replace any broken glass with high-quality supplies that are made for durability!

It doesn’t matter if you need an emergency repair or something simple like replacing old wipers on a rainy day – we’re here for all of it!

What are some of the things that are covered under warranty with my insurance company?

Good Dog Auto Glass has a service guarantee that ensures your car insurance policies will never leave you in the cold. You are covered by our warranty, so feel confident knowing if anything goes wrong on the service, we’ll be reimbursed for what needs to get done!

Should I get a rental car while mine is being repaired?

Frustration mounts when you’re faced with the prospect of being at the mercy of a rental car provider’s fleet. It may seem like an impossible task to find reliable, prompt service, and it doesn’t help that most people have never had this experience before because accidents are fairly rare events. Luckily, Good Dog Auto Glass has your back! We will work on completing repairs as quickly as possible so you can get on the road again in no time. Just call us today for more information, or if we can answer any questions about our services!

Why should I use professional services instead of trying to fix it myself at home?

Ever been in a situation where you couldn’t find the right tool to do something, or just didn’t have enough time? Good Dog Auto Glass’s mobile professionals can stop by your location and fix up any damages onsite with no need for expensive tools, avoiding you hassle-free service and no trips across town looking through stores trying to decide what’s best without expertise. We know that it can be tempting to think, “I should be able to figure this out myself,” but we’re here at your service because repairing auto glass is complicated business! Let us help clear things up today so down the road you don’t end up dealing with new problems by getting everything fixed properly now.

We have your back when you’re in need of automotive glass repair services. When life throws a curve ball, it’s important to come up with the perfect solution, and we are here for that! We offer unbeatable prices on high-quality auto repairs so all drivers can get their cars fixed right without breaking the bank.

The last thing you want is for your windshield to get chipped, cracked or shattered. If that’s the case, it’s best if you know what to do next and how much a replacement will cost before making any hasty decisions. We hope this blog post has given you some valuable information about why getting your car glass repaired can be such a stress-free experience. Just like everything in life, there are pros and cons when it comes to repairing auto glass, so make sure you weigh all of the options before moving forward with any repairs. Make us your go-to service provider if any part needs fixing or replacing because our team is sure and capable. Call Good Dog Auto Glass today!