Everything You Need to Know About Driving With A Cracked Windshield

Written ByStacy Nass

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If you live in the area, chances are your windshield is cracked. It’s not something to be embarrassed about, it’s just a reality of living in this region. But how do you know when it becomes dangerous? There are some signs that could indicate that your windshield needs replacing or at least getting fixed right away.

Water Droplets

The water droplets on your windshield will not disappear no matter how much time passes after they form. This means that there is damage on the outside of the glass which cannot be repaired; The edges of the cracks have started to curl up and inward; You can’t see through any portion of your windshield because there is too much fog over it; When driving under low light, such as dusk or dawn, you can’t see the shapes of objects.

Chunks Missing

When chunks of glass start breaking off and falling out, the windshield has lost much of its structural integrity. This is more than just a problem with visibility, it’s also dangerous because the broken pieces could go flying while you’re driving on the highway. They could either hit you or another vehicle, causing an accident.

Frequent Repairs

Most car owners don’t notice the cracks in their windshields until they’re big enough to interfere with driving visibility. This is because it takes a lot of damage before the glass starts cracking and then spreading throughout your windshield’s surface area. That being said, if you’ve been getting frequent repairs on your windshield, it’s likely that it will only continue to get worse. Keep an eye out for future problems and always ask if there is a better solution than just regular fixes.

Large Sections

This happens when cracks have formed in one large section of the windshield, usually the bottom half where most accidents happen. If you must replace your windshield, it should be done in one piece rather than multiple pieces because that way it will have a better seal against water once it’s finished being installed.

Driving With a Cracked Windshield: What Do I Do?

So you’ve noticed that your windshield is damaged and needs to be replaced. Now what? It might even be dangerous, especially if the cracks are starting to obscure your view of the road ahead of you. However, installing a new windshield isn’t as easy as calling up a mechanic and setting an appointment for them to come over. There are certain formalities that must be followed. 

First, you need to read through your vehicle’s handbook or owner’s manual. This will either give you the information that you need about what windshields are allowed in your state and which aren’t; or it could even give you a list of safety requirements that must be followed whenever you have your windshield replaced. In the event that this doesn’t yield any results, call up your local DMV and ask them if there are any rules about replacing windshields in your jurisdiction.

In most cases, a cracked windshield will not render a car unsafe for driving, especially if it’s still in one large piece. But you might have to pay a fine for having the cracked windshield, so check with your local laws to be sure.

But, to make sure that the damage doesn’t increase,  don’t drive faster than 45 mph, especially if it’s raining outside. Also, avoid driving at night whenever possible since you won’t be able to see the shapes of objects on the road very well. If you find that your cracked windshield is affecting your driving experience, then consider looking into local repair shops online or in the phone book for more information.

A cracked or chipped windshield is dangerous, so a windshield replacement should be done right away. We can support you in your windshield replacement  process. We can provide you with windshields of different types and at very reasonable prices.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Windshield?

The cost of replacing a broken windshield is usually affordable. For example, on average it costs anywhere from $200 to $500 to get it fixed in the United States. Costs can increase depending on what state you live in or how much gas prices have gone up since the last time that you had work done on your vehicle, so check with your local DMV for specific prices within your area.

You might want to move fast because replacing one windshield usually means replacing the glass on the entire car. So if your car ends up having more than one crack or a larger piece of glass needs to be installed, you might end up paying a lot more.

It is true that aftermarket windshields are cheaper than original equipment manufacturers. If your car was built before the year 2000, then you might have to replace your whole vehicle’s glass because it won’t be a perfect fit.

Replacing a broken windshield is simple and affordable if done by professionals. The price of a new windshield can vary depending on the popularity of the brand, its size and where you get it installed.

If you are unlucky enough to have your windshield cracked while driving on a major highway, then you might want to stop at a local service station beforehand. This is because most gas stations will have glass shops on location that can help you immediately with any sort of damage or crack. It is much faster than trying to find a replacement elsewhere and having to deal with all the red tape that comes after it.

Of course, if you have a newer car, then there’s a possibility that the dealership or mechanic can replace it for you. This is going to be more expensive than using a local glass shop because they need to take off your entire windshield and put on a new one.

But don’t worry! We have many styles of auto glass that are suitable for your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Replacing a windshield is vital as it ensures the safety of not only you but all other people on the road. It’s important that you do everything that you can to get it done right away.

If your car has more than one crack, then it could be a sign of a larger problem. If this happens, it’s time to connect with a professional. At Good Dog Auto Glass, we’re ready to help you with quick service at affordable prices. Call us today for more information.